Welcome to JBBG Tactical, a website dedicated to tactical kit and accessories for all action sports. Whether you are looking to upgrade your scope or bipod without spending a lot of your hardened cash you are in the right place. We also have the latest in safety glasses and tactical helmets that are ideal for action sports. Also, don’t forget to check out our new products section and our special offers page where you will find great deals on clearance and end of line products.

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JBBG Tactical is part of the Trimex group of websites and is developed and manages by the guys at Visual Shop. This website is dedicated to tactical accessories and essential action sports kit. Our products are sold at discount prices and feature popular products from the worlds leading brands and manufacturers.


If you love action sports or any other outdoor activity we have the kit and clothing for you. With some of the latest tactical accessories you will find and all at incredibly low prices we hope you will love JBBG Tactical. Take a look at our range of bipods, scopes and other tactical accessories that are designed to improve your experience. JBBG Tactical is dedicated to increasing its product range over time and offer the largest tactical range available anywhere at any time.